Best Music for Sex 2

by Troy

Released 2008
Released 2008
Kitaro ven der graff nick kershaw dani robas shlomo arzi aviv gefen nick cave yaron london shulamit hareven all as inspiration for this album.
This album was made as by the way between stages and cities in Israel.

As I become more and more popular in Isreal I recognize a great big audience all over the world as well.
This album of new english sexy songs was done with a lot of love for you - all over the globe - with knowing this will have a good impact on you, making your every day to day much more brighter. Well... making music is considered a miracle to me.
I'd like to share this miracle with you - wouldn't you?

check it out
and thank you sir Giles Howe for you moral support!

also thank you cdbabies:

Thomas Dolby for your cool DVD.
and the one and only:
William Steffey!!!

love you all

Haifa - Tel aviv