Best music for SEX 3


Released 2009
Released 2009
From new age to disco funky dirty new power soul.
Just after leaving the big city Tel aviv - moving myself to the near by the sea city of Haifa - been looking for the next stage to come. Took my music stuff and vibes to a new born studio in the middle downtown of the big city.
Can hear the city voices at my window and look at the far sea and the same time. That's when I wrote "gonna jump into the sea" ("despair").
This is not a sad album. A bit sadness in it but as a whole complete unit it is a happy one.
Spending here white nights and long hours making this new vibe become real.
Took me some time to find myself on the ground. But in the end it was there - fresh and good. Feels like a new album is ready at last!
Long tracks and short songs as well. This is more like "best music for sex 1 + 2" are coming together alive.
I like it!
Hope you will as well.