Re: Turn

by Troy

Released 2008
Released 2008
Rock Electro disco and alternative new act coming from israel icluding many guests from the front line of israely music scene.
Moving from rock to pop new wave and avant-garde.
This double album was recorded during the last 4 years in some of the best studios in Israel.
Alongside the best top line musicians. A long list of 40 dear persons. A story to be told behing each and one of them.
"6 of july" -
Presents Giles Howe from London. A real dear treasure who came to this recording while his first (24 hours) visit to Israel.
"bachoshech shel pdut 2" -
presents Izhar Ashdot (the producer of Ofra Haza mega hit on MTV) on wide and luxurious guitars.
"love station" -
may consider to one of the big hits in the album. In wich Baruch fridland special guest vocal took place.

I am always in a race of recording new material. Whether it's on my studio (megasound) or others. It's all about catching the moment of creativity.
In this album collaborations with other was the idea.
Hope you like it!