Landing back in Land of Nova 

A new site & home for TROY music

Wich is also a home for the new LAND OF NOVA project

Focusing on our new local TV of Haifa city 

קח תאכל חיפה

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Enough is enough!

Lets do what we like to do!

Lets do the things we dream about.

Lets do what they told us not to do.

Lets do everything but not what we hate to do.

Lets do anything but the things that we are obligated to.

Lets do and lets not be told of what to do - or say anything about what we do.

Lets do nothing!


This post has its personal trademark touch of DerekS

We came from the same planet of NOVA

Thank you for being out their body. We all owe you so much (and much more)

This is my blog and I like it.

This is my blood and I like it.

The chain of blood is a new album coming soon your way.

In case you were wondering about my doings - well - it's the last TROY album ever to appear.

After this is out I plan a long long vacation from the world of art.

Just make my own free time music everywhere - where ever - when ever.

No obligations. No commitments. No loyalty plans. Just the music and life.

For that life IS music. But LIFE and MUSIC should not clash each other.

YES I plan to be. For that anyone who'd like to now what is going around  - simply enter this site and this blog - and you'll have something to see read or watch.

Watch out - you'll become addicted!

And so would we.

Cause it's all about fun.

The fun of creation.

And creating it for the pure fun of it.

Can I share this feeling with you?

I'm sure that I can.

Meanwhile as our friend PH use to say - thanks for reading and...




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