This is my blog and I like it.

This is my blood and I like it.

The chain of blood is a new album coming soon your way.

In case you were wondering about my doings - well - it's the last TROY album ever to appear.

After this is out I plan a long long vacation from the world of art.

Just make my own free time music everywhere - where ever - when ever.

No obligations. No commitments. No loyalty plans. Just the music and life.

For that life IS music. But LIFE and MUSIC should not clash each other.

YES I plan to be. For that anyone who'd like to now what is going around  - simply enter this site and this blog - and you'll have something to see read or watch.

Watch out - you'll become addicted!

And so would we.

Cause it's all about fun.

The fun of creation.

And creating it for the pure fun of it.

Can I share this feeling with you?

I'm sure that I can.

Meanwhile as our friend PH use to say - thanks for reading and...